La Longue DurÉe
a long moment

Pinnacle Gallery, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah GA,
January - March 2003

What is living but “a long moment”, our selves protected by flimsy covering, often pierced, often transparent, yet enduring, and even though scarred and marked by time, still beautiful. Beneath the covering are layers, truths mostly hidden, yet revealed now and then, epiphanies coming in glimmers of light, only to fade and be replaced with new illuminations before all is dark.

This exhibit exists in a semi darkened room. Bare bulb lights hang in the interior of several rust and tea stained silk organza cocoon like enclosures. The enclosures hang floor to ceiling. Semi transparent pieces hang on the interior and are revealed when the lights fade on. The lights fade off and on at different intervals.This exhibit captures an ongoing theme of revealing the hidden, while paradoxically, in exposing only a little at a time the exposed remains hidden.