Fallout: Beauty
Lost and Found

Hair Doodle 03/05 (detail),
Graphite on paper, Size: 45”x45”, 2006

"Fallout: Beauty Lost and Found" examines the nature of beauty – or more appropriately, the loss of beauty and its resurrection. Essentially, the exhibit is a record of my daily hair loss in 2005, translated and regenerated from the mundane to the eternal.

Hair is a symbol for beauty and hence, sexuality. Distinct cultures expose or cover hair for this reason, although the latter is generally in a religious guise. Hair throughout history is a keepsake, before and after death, secreted into a locket or jewelry or pressed in a diary or Bible.

Conversely, hair is repulsive; the tendril nestled on a dinner plate or the wad plugging the shower drain. Although my other work investigates the attraction- repulsion dynamic of hair, this exhibit focuses on the beauty of hair and what that personally implies to me.

After saving my hair for years and wadding it into jars by year I decided in 2005 to precisely record my daily loss of hair. Each day, I collected it from the shower, my brush and any other place else I noticed it. Each day, I manipulated the hair into a doodle, which was then placed in a ziplock bag and dated.

Surprising to me, the act that began as a documentation of the loss of beauty and sexuality ---- and all that that implies ---- became something else. Collecting my daily bounty became my way of recapturing beauty, a transformation if you will, an ultimate resurrection of loss through the collecting of my loss and the transformation of it.